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10 New Wedding Trends Evolving in 2017

Couples are always looking to have their special day stand out apart from the crowd, to make it the most memorable occasion.

Here’s how they are making a change into the fall:

  1. Less in more. Have a more intimate and smaller bridal party. Focus on only close family and friends, not showing off.
  2. Bye bye bouquet! Get rid of the traditional bridal bouquets toss and garter belt events, and replace with more dancing time and entertainment.
  3. Social media engagement. Snapchat is leading in the trends. Have information cards with social media details so guests know the geo filters, fonts, colors, tag, keywords, etc. that you’ve put together for your special day.
  4. Translucent cakes. The traditional heavy cakes are out, light and airy feel and look are in to offer delights to your guests.
  5. Technology time out. Ask your guests to check-in their cellphones before the service to ensure they focus on your special moment and not the office emails.
  6. Unique gift registries. Instead of a traditional registry for gifts, couples are thinking out of the box and giving back. Registering with a charity or one that connects specifically with the couple is more meaningful.
  7. What’s the Guest Experience. This is the focus for many couples. Entertaining your guests and making the day memorable not only for the couple, but for their guests through entertainment, whether it be hiring singers, bands, dancers, acrobats or artists to paint or sketch guest pictures. The sketch artist acts as a replacement to the traditional photo booth.
  8. Memorable music. Finding the right music can be key to an enjoyable and memorable night. The music should speak about you as the couple, that moment in time. Add a dash of the classics too!
  9. Wedding firsts. Every couple wants to be stand out, let’s not forget the traditional parts all together: the white dress, the first dance, the father/bride and mother/groom dances are key moments that will last you a lifetime of memories.
  10. Wedding planner.  Many couples have full-time jobs, careers and do not have much time to organize and arrange all the details of their special day. You time is valuable. In today’s age, it’s hiring a wedding planner, is a necessity not a luxury.
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