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5 Tips to help you NEVER forget Your Wedding Guests


Remembering Your Wedding Guests

It’s amazing how many of us (already married) somehow forget in time just who was actually at our wedding ceremony!  Probably will never happen to you, right?  Here’s a few ideas not only to preserve your memory, but to actually enjoy the memories of each of your guests.  After all, you’ll never know who just might show up at your 25th Anniversary (or even pushing the memory a little more, your 50th).

Tip # 1: Have your guests Autograph their Attendance.  A large portrait (perhaps and engagement photo) leaving a large white margin around the picture . . . or if either of your have a special interest, bring along a prop and have them sign it – i.e. If either of you play guitar, bring an old favourite and have your guest sign your guitar and then of course it’s meant for hanging on the wall.  It sure beats the typical wedding guest book!

Tip # 2: If your able and time allows, why not Create a Personal and additional Photo Book (or facebook) highlighting a quick shoot with every guest (couples or family) either at the end of a receiving line, or around the tables perhaps right after dinner, before the ‘party’ actually begins.  If it’s a little beyond the budget of your professional photographer perhaps a friend with a little experience and a good camera could take on this as a gift to you.  Of course storing your photo’s digitally should ensure a long lasting memory and a quick reference if needed.

Tip # 3: A little twist on Tip # 2 and quickly becoming a trend is the Portable ‘Photo Booth’.  Most of us re member the photo booth in the mall, quickly running in and having a strip of four photo’s appear within minutes – Those over-crow ded and crazy smiles made for quite a memory.  You can either make a small booth yourself with a photographer standing in, or you can actually rent the real thing these days.

Tip # 4: If you or a close friend is in to Scrapbooking, why not create a ‘Story’ or ‘Memory’ book that can be placed beside your wedding album (at a fraction of the price) displaying both some special moments of the bride & groom, as well as a candid shot of each of your guests.  Again, if beyond the price range of the professional photographer, why not ask a friend.  Scrap-books are available everywhere, however if you’re looking for something very special in the wedding theme check out Creative Memories Canada.

Tip # 5: How about A Wishing Manzanita Tree?  OK, it’s not a real tree (or it can be)!  But if you’re looking for memories and names, why not have your guests share a wish and their names on a small white or pink card and have them place it on either a ‘real’ or artificial tree.  It’s a great decor for your wedding, a great showpiece for your family room and a pretty good memory of your friends and family!  Of course, every time someone comes over for dinner, they’ll spend hours looking for their own ‘well-wishes’ – kind of like a ‘Where’s Waldo‘!

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