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Bridal Shower – Making the Most of your Celebration

The Bridal Shower is a fun evening of the girls – all the ladies from the mother of the groom to the work colleagues of the bride – getting together for food, gifts, and games.  The person organizing the party is usually the maid of honour.  If that’s you, don’t be shy about recruiting help from others in the wedding party or family.  It’s a time to enjoy each others company, and as the saying goes ‘many hands make light work’. There are a few games that all the guests will enjoy and bring the ladies closer together, getting excited for the bride and her upcoming wedding.

Your Bridal Shower

The “Toilet Paper Dress” is a classic shower game that gets everyone involved, using their creativity. This is a fun game to do after you have opened the gifts, because all the tissue paper and wrapping that the presents came in can be ‘recycled’ immediately!   Divide the party into a few teams, say 4-6 per team. Give each team a pair of scissors, a role of clear tape and an equal stack of wrapping paper, tissue plus three rolls of toilet paper.  One person needs to be the model – this is perfect for the flower girls or junior bridesmaids – they will love this role of model as the rest of the team puts together a wedding gown from the supplies.  You will have so much fun making unusual outfits – and some will include capes, fingerless gloves, headbands and more!  Take photos, of course, and make this game a bit of a challenge with a timer set to 15 or 20 minutes.

“Gift Bingo” is another fun and easy game that your guests will enjoy.  You will need to make up enough bingo cards so there is one for each guest (you can purchase these at a party store to save time).  When the bride is opening her gifts, a player will cross out the name of that gift on her card ie: toaster, glasses, picture frame, gift card.  The winner, of course, is the person that crosses all the gifts off her card first.  Have a little prize for the winner or runner-up.

Our third suggestions is called “Bridal Memory” and for this you will need only pen and paper for each participant – or ask people to work with a partner, someone they don’t know very well. Before you start, the bride will exit the room and then you can begin.  Have a list of 10 questions about the Bride’s appearance ready…what is she wearing, what jewelry, which shoes, how is her hair styled today…that kind of thing.  You will have fun trying to remember the details and guests will get to connect with each to her in a new way, too.

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