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Celebrate with Chocolate in Your Wedding Ceremony

You’ll want to pick out some of the best loved and favourite chocolates you both can’t wait to sink your teeth into!  Two wrapped pieces is good!  Four is better as you’ll share them with each other.

The special ceremony within a ceremony can be highlighted as you’re about to be pronounced married, or perhaps you may decide to draw your ceremony to end with this special touch.   Either way, just the thought of chocolates within your ceremony makes for a great symbol, a picturesque photo-op and of course, a great treat for the two of you.

Celebrate with Chocolate in Your Wedding Ceremony

A special reading can also be shared: “Throughout your lives together you will have times that are like chocolate. At times you will experience the dark and bitter-sweet side of life, like the darkest of chocolates. And at times you will experience the sweeter side of life. ________ and ________ will exchange pieces of chocolate now. These bites of chocolate represent the wonderful sweet life that you two will have together. Nothing is truer than the statement made in the movie ‘Forrest Gump’.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get”, but by sharing these chocolates together today ________ and ________ acknowledge this fact and proceed forward into their marriage prepared to deal with it all together.

An added touch would include Wine as well.  The sweetness of the wine and the bitterness of a dark bitter chocolate will do doubt remind you of the reality of life as you begin your journey committed to one another.  Adding to the above reading:

“As you begin your journey today, I invite you to taste the sweetness and light that will fill your marriage with joy. Savour the fruits of this wine, just as you will savour the moments of happiness that your best friend brings you. It represents shared laughter, your child’s first steps, your golden anniversary. Delight in it, as you will delight in one another.  Now share in the dark and bitter chocolate, taste in it the dark days which will rock and stretch the two of you and your marriage.  It represents the disappointments, the illness’, and the sadness we all experience in life. Know that these hard times will come, and with them, the opportunity to deepen your bond as a couple.

Now taste the wine once again, begin to look beyond any pain and sorrow that has touched your life and your marriage.  Keep you hearts focused on the togetherness you enter into today, knowing behind each darkened cloud, the sun is present and eventually will shine again!”

Enjoy your wedding ceremony and celebrate with one of life’s greatest pleasures: Chocolate!

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