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Choosing the RIGHT DATE for your Wedding

Do numbers really matter?
Is there such a thing as a lucky day for a wedding?

Maybe or maybe not; after all, healthy marriages don’t tend to last a long time on luck. But for many, it’s traditional, cultural and very much a part of the planning process! And if not, it’s fun to have a favourite date, a special order of numbers, or even your lucky number…

Pop Quiz: What was the popular wedding date in the past 50 plus years for wedding ceremony?
(Answer below)

As the year of 2014 comes to a close, you could celebrate with the last sequential number available: 12/13/14. It’s estimated that some twenty-thousand couples will celebrate the New Year as they share their matrimonial vows before the clock strikes midnight! Missed it! Sorry, perhaps your kid’s will share in their special occasion in about 20 years from now.

01/05/15 is your first chance to capitalize on an easy and memorable date. All you’ll need to remember is 1 & 5. Better hurry though – That’s today! Not impossible, as a quick and easy City-hall wedding can make it a reality!

More affectionately known as Pi Day, March 14 is celebrated by the ‘student at heart’ in honor of the mathematical symbol (that comes out to approximately 3.14159), this would be a really ‘calculated’ day to tie the knot. Notice this year has even closer ties to the real number with ’15’ in the mix. The options truly are endless… just like the number of digits in ? – It goes on and on and on…

Stuck on math? Then April 11, 2015 just might be the date for you! Why? Because 4 + 11 = 15. You don’t often find dates that really add up quite as nicely like this one does. As well, April 11, 2015 actually falls on a day when most of your family and friends will expect your wedding day – a Saturday.

A little more into the science of numbers? Perhaps a numerologist? Consider May 16, 2015. It is a palindrome, which means it reads the same backward or forward. If your belief in the divine, the mystical, or other special relationship between a number and some coinciding events is true, this will be the ideal number for you. Another palindrome to consider: 5/1/15.

Want to bet on a lucky number? May 5, 2015 is good roll for you! Besides lucky, it’s also pretty; Imagine the ‘5’s on your wedding favours, customized champagne glasses and even ceremony programs. Unfortunately it does fall on a Tuesday, but perhaps an evening gathering of friends and family might be possible. Good luck on the 5’s.

Sticking with your luck on 5’s, or in this case, ’15’s and you’d like to celebrate on a Saturday, August 15, 2015 will be your only chance. It’s the only Saturday that lines up this year!

If you’ve ever worked in a convenience store (preferably 7-11), then the numbers are right for you on November 7, 2015 – even a Saturday making it perfect for a themed wedding? If you’re having a light buffet, don’t forget Nachos and Hot Dogs!

Friday the 13th

Often a favorite for couples to stand up against the superstitious values of their culture and lucky numbers! Here’s your choices for 2015: February 13, March 13, November 13.

Have fun picking your favorite numbers – A wedding should be like a lottery – You Win!

Most popular wedding in recent history: You may have guessed: July 7, 2007 (7,7,7).

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