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Creating a Wedding Reception to Remember

There’s never been a more opportune time for selection and uniqueness to choose your wedding venue!  Most venue’s today are more than happy to provide you both the facilities for your wedding ceremony and the wedding reception to follow, making it so much nicer for you and your wedding guests.  Gone are the days of travelling between various venues, re-parking, and wasting an afternoon of not knowing what to do while waiting for the reception to begin!

Your Wedding Reception!

Although it’s never been a better time for choice, it’s also has the potential to create some confusion as you search for your perfect wedding venue.  Here are a few thoughts that might as you journey from one to the next…

You’ll first want to decide when you’d like to have your wedding ceremony and reception.  Most we find still lean towards a mid-to-late afternoon wedding ceremony, followed by an evening dinner.  This usually dictates a more formal event.  The mid-morning wedding ceremony usually is celebrated through the lunch-hour and often the reception is a brunch-lunch served around noon.  This may be a formal affair, or it generally becomes semi-causal, much less formal!

Secondly, when checking out your potential wedding venues, you’ll want to see a few photo’s showcasing possible views, landmarks, and of course the room itself which you’ll be celebrating in.  If possible, you may even get a glimpse of the plating of the food.  Then you’ll want to plan a visit to actually see the venue before signing the deal.

As you’ve made plans for your wedding day, you’ll have also set a budget towards your reception.  You’ll want to check out various options provided at your wedding venue, menus, bar-service, valet service, bridal suite, etc.  Some venues offer DJ’s, have contracts with wedding officiants, florists, photographers, and many other vendors available to serve you.  Just as you’ve checked out the venue, you’ll also want to check each recommendation.  Some may be just what you’re looking for, some may not!  Most quality venues will allow you to bring your choice over their choice!

Regarding your budget, here’s a quick and simple checklist you may want to consider:

  • Menu details and how will the food be served
  • What beverages will be served with dinner
  • Number of serving staff assigned to your event (nothing worse than having 2 waiters serve a 100 guests)
  • How will the wedding cake be served
  • How many people will be at each table
  • Will we have a cash bar, open bar, and when (before, during and after dinner)
  • Table linen choices
  • Head-table display and set-up
  • Are there over time charges and what are they
  • What does the decor look like (May I have a decor professional serve us)
  • Will there be a coat check
  • Final costs including tax and gratuities
  • Are there any other additional cost we may occur
  • What are your cancellation costs, refund policy

This short list will help you as you work towards planning your perfect wedding day.

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