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First Dance – Making your Dance as Personal as You !

The First Dance

The first dance between husband and wife has been a romantic tradition for some time, but recently it has taken a turn.  “Flash mobs” on Youtube have made wedding couples reconsider the slow waltz and some have added crazy choreographed steps to fast music. This is such a personal choice, and something you have to agree on together.  Do you want the beautiful “Cinderella” style or do you want to get some laughs with getting on down to “Cotton Eyed Joe”?!

The first thing after you decide on after you’ve picked your style is to pick your song.  Choose one that means something to you both, or one your parents had (or Not), or one that was written the year you met.  Just because it’s one of the Top 5 Faves right now isn’t the only reason to choose that song – there are hundreds out there and you’ll find one just perfect to reflect your personality as a couple.

Dancing is fun but it is also a skill that can be learned.  Taking a dance class or two before the wedding will really help if you are nervous or out of practice.  One lesson may really highlight your skill level – or lack of! And let you know just the kind of dance you’ll do as a married couple.  It is a very normal reaction to feel uncomfortable at first – most of us are not used to dancing in front of other people (especially as the main attraction)  Joshua Love, a dance instructor, says “dance to express, not to impress”.  This experience should not add extra stress to your lives, but be something fun and romantic that everyone can celebrate.

One couple shares of their experience: They were  both were feeling a little self-conscience of dancing alone in front of all their guests, so earlier in the day they asked all their siblings and their spouses to join in at the very beginning, making it less of a show. They still, of course, had gorgeous photos taken of each other at that point in the evening.  It made them more comfortable to not be the only ones on the dance floor.  Some personalities crave that attention! But if you aren’t an extreme extrovert, then having family share the first dance music with you is a lovely way to deflect too much attention.

Whatever you do, pick a song you both love, and enjoy that special moment together. Usually after the bride and groom dance, the bride dances with her father and the groom with his mother.  Then father in law, mother in law, then grandparents.  If you have children, this is a beautiful time to dance with them and cement yourselves as a family.


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