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Flowers for the Guys !

Brides, you’ll want you man to look his very best when he stands awaiting your arrival on your wedding day. You’ve taken the time to carefully pick his tuxedo, now for the finishing touch: his Boutonniere! Not sure where to start?

You may want to start with the florist who is going to prepare your bouquet! After all, it should perfectly to have the same colour and even the same flower(s) as you’ll have. It will also keep the budget intact, as most florists will be thrilled to have the add-on sale. Speaking of budget, who pays for the Groom and his Groomsmen’s flowers? Traditionally, the Groom’s family picks up the tab on this one. Sometimes, the cost of all the flowers are covered by the Groom’s side, or possible shared equally with the Bride’s family.

What kind of flowers work well for the men? Well, there is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ flower, but you may find some guys tend to stay away from something that has been labelled ‘famine’. Personally speaking (ions ago) my bride asked if I would wear a rose… Something usually consider a gift for the bride or any woman! However with a little compromise, the rose appeared on my collar on the wedding day, placed carefully in the middle of a carnation (a much more ‘manly’ flower). I won, she won!!!

Your Groom will usually have a unique flower, or arrangement that will allow him to stand out among his groomsmen, similar to the uniqueness of his suit or tuxedo – Not a major difference, but a subtle stand-alone look!

One question to consider before your purchase, Is any of the Groom’s allergic to real flowers? This of course can turn into a long and painful day for one who is. Sneezing, tears, etc. is no fun! If you find this is the case, why not consider silk flowers? Colours can be easily chosen (silk can be dyed in any colour), arrangements can be beautiful done and the flowers won’t be wilting on a hot summer day. And best of all: No Sneezing!

Who wears a boutonniere? As we said, the Groom usually has a unique one-of-a-kind arrangement, while the Groomsmen each have matching flowers. It’s then a classy move to have the father’s of the couple and even the grandfather’s looking great with their boutonniere (usually a little different than that of the Groomsmen, often matching any corsages for their wife’s). As well, the ring bearer will also look the part with the Groomsmen if he is given a small boutonniere for his collar as well. Lastly, not needed but knowing your wedding officiant will be front and center and in your pictures, you may want to have him or her also wearing a boutonniere or in the case of her, a corsage).

Gentlemen, why not look the very best?

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