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Having the Honeymoon of a Lifetime

The big day has now come and gone, you’re married!  It now time to sit back, relax and spend some quality time together away from all the busyness and hectic planning of life and of course your wedding.  Time for the richly deserved and anticipated honeymoon! No matter where you’re off to, here’s a few tips that just might make your honeymoon experience perfect!

When it comes to cuisine and activities, you’ll want to check out a few sources beyond the travel books and magazines and check with the locals, after all, who better to know than those who live there.  Of course staying at an all-inclusive resort, may not give you an option, but for a authentic experience ask around and see what’s available for you with  the staff and host of your resort.  They again can provide you with a wealth of information locally as well.

Your honeymoon is YOUR time to Kick Back & Relax!

Your honeymoon as we’ve said is a time to kick-back and relax and so, don’t come with a set itinerary for each day, rather enjoy your experience as it evolves.  It’s OK to possibly have a tour or excursion lined up, but allow the rest of your time to be experienced at your pace.  It’s OK to sleep in; it’s OK to enjoy an extended scenic ocean view breakfast and it’s OK to be late for dinner.  Leave lots of flexibility and enjoy your honeymoon at your pace.

Not sure where to go!  Well a good rule of thumb is to go where both of you have never been before.  That way the experience becomes new and fresh for both of you.  And your memories of this destination will be forever etched in your mind as the place you spend your honeymoon!

Although for some of you, being disconnected will be a challenge, remember the world will go on without you for a week or two!  If you have to check in now and then, do just that – now and then!  Commit yourself to exploring, adventure and spending quality time with one another.

Surprise one another! There’s nothing that say’s love like a romantic and surprise dinner on the beach, or at a land-mark restaurant.  Or an afternoon at the Spa for the two for you!  Perhaps a round a golf at a local club!  Look for ways to enhance and surprise each other on your honeymoon.

Then as your honeymoon draws to a formal close, look for way to bring it home with you and carry it on as you return to the busyness of life.  It may not be everyday you’ll be able to experience the adventure, but set regular times to “relive” your honeymoon and explore and experience new opportunities with each other no matter where you are.

And finally, do make plans for a second honeymoon – perhaps once a year!  A guess we’ve dropped the word and called it a vacation, but either way, make it about the two of you (at least until the kids come along)!

Have fun as you plan and experience your honeymoon. Bon Voyage!

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