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Making Your First Dance a Memory for Life !

Your first dance together as husband and wife begins long before the moment it becomes a reality!  You’ll want to start of course with picking the perfect song – Just for the two of you.  Is it a song that you shared on your first date?  Is it a song that drew you to the dance floor when you first met?  No matter what, the song should be one that speaks to both of you.

This is your moment of stardom, as your guests gather round and in awe watch the two of you share your dance together.  You’ve gone from ‘Dancing with the Stars’ to being the ‘Stars!’

A few tips to ensure this moment comes off like clockwork and most importantly is a lot of fun!

It probably doesn’t have to be said, but after choosing you song, It would be wise to practice before your wedding day.

Your First Dance

Traditionally, while the Bride and Groom are dancing and shortly, before the song draws to an end, the Bride’s  father breaks in to the dance with his daughter.

This leave the Groom a short dance with his new mother-in-law.

The last moment of the song again traditionally has the brides new father-in-law join her, while the Groom completes the dance with his mother.

Following the first dance, it is customary for the Bride to dance with the Best Man, and the Groom with the her Maid of Honor.

This second dance is often broken into by the DJ or MC as they invite the other members of the wedding party onto the dance floor, followed by the guests.

During the course of the reception, the Bride usually dances with each Groomsman and the Ring Bearer, if there is one; and the Groom with each bridesmaids and the Flower Girl, if there is one

Now, back to the First Dance…

Practice. Practice. Practice

You and your fiancé have taken the time to select “your song” to be played for your first dance and the first dance with your father.

If all else fails, why not sign up for a few dance lessons as the local dance studio.  You’ll certainly feel much for comfortable on your wedding day, enjoy your first dance and be better equipped to dance for years to come.

You can even learn at home.  Pop in the DVD and join in: Wedding Dance DVD – Easy Classic Slow Dance.  You can learn the basic steps that cover everything from waltzing, rumbas, rock ‘n roll to reggae!

Whether it’s in the dance studio or your living room, remember to give yourself time to practice – and go dancing as much as you can before your wedding!

Perhaps your greatest fear:  Couples often dread their first dance. The spotlight, all alone on the floor. “He’s not a dancer”, Two left feet. You’ve heard it all. Learning to dance is a great pastime and fun to do together.

Take your time, enjoy each other and soon, you’ll get to discover things about each other and yourselves. Learn the right dance for your song and keep it within your comfort zone very step of the way, so on wedding day, it’s a huge success.

In any case, if you’re not quite ready to join Dancing with Stars yet, don’t sweat it, but do enjoy it!

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