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Making Your Wedding a Classic – Vintage Wedding Dresses


Vintage wedding dresses have become more popular in the last few years, partly due to brides not wanting to look ‘like everyone else’ and also to popular culture: shows like Mad Men and have introduced us to the 1950’s in a way we haven’t seen since old ‘I Love Lucy’ re-runs.

You may already be a of this era or you are just looking for ideas to make your wedding classic different. There’s so much to love in the esthetic and presentation of the 1950’s for a wedding: from the men in skinny ties and sharp suits to big, comfy cars, classic martini glasses and of course, a full skirted gown with a little pillbox hat.

Have Your Own Vintage Wedding Dress

To find a vintage wedding dress, keep in mind you may have to look very close to home (Grandma and friends) or much further afield (New York, Toronto, Los Angeles) to find just what you want.  Google images is a great way to start looking for ideas.  The great thing, too, about shopping in your pj’s, is that you can find items from all over the world without leaving your cozy home.

If you want a real, from the 1950’s vintage wedding dress, not just one that looks like it, then be prepared for two things: firstly, it may not be in perfect condition – especially if it wasn’t dry cleaned and stored properly since the lady wore to celebrate Kennedy’s election.  Secondly, it will very likely need to be altered by an experienced seamstress.  And no matter how gifted she may be, she will never find exact material to match it if a piece needs to be added in.  The good news, however, is that if you are (as the average woman is) a size 12, a vintage size 8 or 10 will probably fit you nicely.

Search online for charity shops and auction sites, too.  If you are on a strict budget, you may find something perfect for  few hundred dollars.  If money is no object, then a vintage Chanel, Valentino or Yves St Laurent may only be a click or two away.  Be sure to pay insurance and tracking on your postage, that’s always worth doing, particularly for one of a kind items like your new-to-you wedding gown.

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