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More Traditions to Enhance Your Wedding Celebration

As we continue to look at Wedding Traditions one of the easiest ways to meet and thank your guests coming in both the cutting of the cake and the giving of it to each of your guests.

Wedding Traditions…

Typically the ‘Bride’s Cake’ (Fruit Cake) is generally cut about an hour following your meal. More recently (and often due to the need of having the photographer available) many couples are opting to cut their cake just before dinner. Either way, this also makes a great photo oop for your guests as well. If done after, it’s important to not wait too long as “it’s rude for your guests to leave before the cutting of the cake” or at least tradition states.

Cutting the cake is of course shared by the Bride and Groom – Placing your right hands on the knife (his over hers) cut a small piece and place it on a plate, and then the Groom feeds his Bride the first bite, followed by the Bride feeding her Groom. After this, either a large portion of the cake has already been cut and packaged for the Bride and Groom to share with their guests . . . or if possible, the caterer takes the rest of cake and cuts it up in smaller portions for the Bride and Groom to share later in the evening with their guests.

The ‘Groom’s Cake’ often considered a ‘Southern Tradition’ has become very popular lately, as it seems many people (especially children) would rather eat a piece of chocolate or vanilla cake, instead of the traditional Fruit Cake. This cake is often decorated to reflect the hobbies or interests of the Groom, i.e. Favourite Sport.

Tossing it! Tradition is often displayed in the throwing of the Bride’s Bouquet and the Bride’s Garter. The ‘toss’ is generally done nearing the end of the evening. Legends surrounding the two, state the man who catches the garter will be the next to be married, while the catching of the bouquet by the woman will lead her to be the next bride – No guarantee!

A note regarding the Bride’s Bouquet: Most brides have their florist make a duplicate of their bouquet as to throw one and keep the original as their own personal keepsake.

Although many couples do choose to throw both Bouquet and Garter, there is no rule that states the Garter must be thrown, as many Brides feel a little uncomfortable about the whole experience.

The Favours! Although favours are not an absolute within your wedding, they are an awesome way in which you can thank your guests and allow them to have a keepsake of your special day. Such items as a small framed picture or candle are often given to each family in attendance, while smaller, less expensive items are often given to each person and placed at their dinner table.  Although edible favours won’t last as long, they are certainly enjoyed by most – chocolates, favourite candies, homemade cookies, etc.

Finally, a newer tradition: Your own Signature drink! A signature drink can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic and is a reflection of the Bride and Groom’s favourite(s). Yes, it’s OK to have one for each. It may be in itself a classic, or their own once-in-a-lifetime creation.

Thankfully the very best of traditions live on and at the same time, new traditions are being created and passed along so that every couple can share in their own meaningful traditions. What traditions are you going to have or create within your special day?

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