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Reflecting & Remembering Your Wedding Day

The hours and effort that goes into planning your wedding can vary between wonderful, delightful, inspiring and then conflicted, tiring and tedious.  Other people around you, no matter how much they love and support you, don’t want to talk ‘wedding’ all day, every day.

If your engagement is 18 months long, this is a lot of time for people to listen to your ideas, dreams and minute details about the center pieces – especially when you keep changing the theme based on your Pinterest boards!

No one, not even the ‘scroogiest’ wicked witch will say “it’s not your day”.  We all know it is your day – the culmination of all your dreams, plans, hard work, and harder earned money.

Reflecting on Your Wedding Day!

Here are a few helpful hints to keep you – and those you love – grounded and nowhere near a ‘bridezilla’.

  1. Find a chat room or wedding site, like The Knot Wedding Shop where you can chat with other engaged brides to your hearts content, 24/7.
  2. When you find something you absolutely love and decide on it  (ie venue, dress, ring) be content with your choice.  Don’t look at other options once you’ve picked a winner.  This is also good advice regarding your groom – don’t keep ‘shopping’ when you’ve found your Prince!
  3. Thank the people in your life that have spent time looking at venues, magazines, gowns, Pinterest with you – you appreciate their time, be sure to tell them with a note, phone call or small gift.  Unexpressed thanks is not thanks at all – because the other person can’t read your mind.
  4. Find a charity or cause that you can give to – such as re-cycling all the bottles of alcohol for a school trip fundraiser or making sure the flowers from the church are delivered to a nursing home or hospice after the ceremony.

When you think of others, their good thoughts and wishes come back to you!

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