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Starting Your Wedding on Time!

OK, we all are used to the Bride being fashionably late!  That’s OK ‘IF’ the Bride wants to be, but it’s no excuse for any one else to show up when they want to!  After all, he’ll be waiting and watching (the clock) and waiting…

As we meet with hundreds of Brides and Grooms every year, we’ve come to conclusion, 99% of them actually expect and anticipate their wedding ceremony to start on time – a novel idea, but a great way to keep your photographer, your DJ and your caterer happy – and most importantly, keeping you happy!

Here’s a few keys that can help you day start ON time:

Letting everyone know where they are supposed to be and at on time can be difficult … even with every modern communication device in multiple among your family and friends! This is when the procrastinators and typical late arriver’s really have to step up and be on time, and those usually on time and organized have to be extra patient – nothing worse than a beautiful bride screaming at her nearest and dearest!

Consider a document that you can print and hand out – and tape up on the walls!  You can even get a poster size print out for $5 from your local Office Supply store.  Remember to email your time and schedule documents to everyone’s smartphone, too … with a text 5 minutes before the ceremony to remind them to please put their phones on silence.

Have the time sheet given to all vendors, the officiant, the musicians, and ushers, too.  It doesn’t have to be fancy, it just needs to be clear.  Give yourself some margin time in between sections of the day, too. The pressure to have everything go smoothly will be lifted (a little) with a clear time frame for all involved.

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