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The Groom! Making sure he looks Great !

Very often the wedding  is all about the bride – and we know it’s your day – but here are some ideas for your groom to stand out on the day you’ll share together.  The Dress will take centre stage, never fear, and your groom will beam proudly beside you.

Making sure the Groom looks Great

Alternative Jacket – this means the groom and his men are all in the same suit, but your groom has a different cut of jacket to allow him to stand out a little.  If he has chosen a double-breasted jacket, put the groomsmen in a single-breasted cut.  If your tux has a satin lapel, then the friends that stand up with you could have a plain lapel.  Another idea, very Mad Men/Frank Sinatra, is to wear a white dinner jacket with the other men in traditional black.  Do not, ever, for even a second, consider a white suit.  Unless you live in Miami.  And star in Miami Vice.  Even then, you’ll look like a gangster from the 1980s, and I don’t mean that in a good way.

Vests, or Waistcoats, or another way to spruce up the groom’s ensemble.  In the summer, it is perfectly acceptable to leave off the jacket, even for the ceremony.  If it’s an indoor ceremony, then jacket on and be sure to have jackets on for some of the photos.  Vests can be hired on their own if the gentlemen already have suits and come in a variety of patters and fabrics.  The groom in silver and the men in grey is one example of having a variety but the monochrome look is still there.

Another way to add some pop or pizazz to the groom’s suit is with his tie.  A quick look through YouTube tutorials will show various ways to tie a man’s suit tie.  It doesn’t have to look like a clip-on  or all be the same.  A double knot looks very sharp and will add some more polish to the entire look.  If you are watching your budget, have all the men dress in their best black suits, but invest in a top quality shirt and tie to go with it.  A quality fabric tie knotted in a European style will look expensive and classic.  You man want to keep up to date with current trends and what’s happening with Wedding Etiquette as you plan your special day!

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