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Wedding Budget – #3: What do you mean we have to pay for our own wedding?

As much as parents have been paying to have their kids married for eons, it does happen from time-to-time, some parents can’t or won’t.  Dealing with “can’t” is much easier than “won’t”! That said, it’s time to consider how best to use your resources when the parental bank is closed.

As we mention in our last blog, many times friend and other family members may help.  But lets assume you’re on your own – that way we’ll consider extra resources, just that: Bonus.

A - It’s highly un-likely your bridal party (who generally are in the same boat as you) will cough up, but they can be instrumental in setting up some amazing stags and showers.  Let them know you’re situation and ask if when they’re planning your events they could include some fund-raising activities.  From guys on the golf course, to spinning the big wheel for Crown & Anchor, there is no shortage of games to play. And although the intend is not to get rich, it may just help you over the hurdle of no-money.

  1. Some are a little tacking, but here’s a resource for Showers:
  2. For the Stag & Doe:
  3. For the guys at a Bachelor Party (Kind of hard to keep this blog a ‘safe blog’ in this area):

B - If you’re limited to a budget based on your funds then plan accordingly.  It’s OK to be simple.  Backyard vs. Hotel; Your own bar-tender (please do check and adhere to local by-laws with liquor & beer); Buffet vs. Sit-Down;  40 guests vs. 200 . . . Cut back a few of the frills . . . At the end of the day, there really is NO right or wrong – it’s all a matter of preference and in of course ‘budget’.

Next,  “Dealing with the Hidden Expenses (and there will be some)!”

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