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Wedding Ceremony Ideas – A Museum ?

One of the most important decisions you’ll make as you plan your wedding day, is where you’re going to say ‘I Do!’ and where you’re going to partying following your wedding ceremony!

Your Wedding Venue: A Museum

If you’re looking for a venue that’s not a hotel or church hall, why not get online to your towns website (even the tiny villages seem to have one these days!) and search museums.  Museums may remind you of a Grade 4 field trip, but as a wedding venue they are having a resurgence.  Museums are full of character and add an element of interest that you just won’t find in a hotel or banquet facility.

There is always parking, they are kept immaculately clean, there are displays for the guests to view in between ceremony and reception, and you will find great backdrops for your photos.  Museums have handy things like coat check rooms, extra chairs and ample washrooms for guest. If the museum that you find has a reception hall, ask the curator or steward about hiring a caterer – there may be city permits to obtain as well as a liquor license.

Just two weeks ago, we were privileged to serve an amazing couple (Melanie & James) at an 1867 Courthouse (Pama Museum, located in Brampton).  Did it feel like a museum, well it did feel old, almost like an olde-time movie.  Imagine ladies, your men opening the gate for you to enter where once stood criminals, usually men about to be sentenced (no pun intended), and for the bride  and groom to sit and sign their marriage license where once sat the Court Judge (high above everyone else)!

Some museums are just for art, or war planes, or pioneer themed.  There are older homes and huge provincial parks as well as private galleries and  city halls. Think past hotels and you may find a hidden gem of a location.

Note: Some ministers and priests will be unavailable at these locations and so at Dream Weddings Canada your wedding officiant will be able to provide you the wedding you would like, whether it’s civil, non-denominational, or spiritual (religious).  Please do let us know how best to serve you.  If you’d like to meet an officiant we invite you to set up a free consultation today as you plan the perfect wedding ceremony – Yours!

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