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Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Your Re-Marriage

  • Getting Remarried?
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  • Wedding Ceremony Ideas for Your Remarriage?
  • Wedding Ceremony Ideas

Well no doubt they will be some differences, but like all wedding ceremonies, it’s far more about what makes you feel comfortable and provides for a wonderful wedding day!

Before the actual wedding day, let’s consider sharing your engagement?

As many times re-marriage means there are children from one or often both spouses.  Because your plans will affect them most, it would be wise to share the news first with them!  Then, let your parents know, followed by close family (siblings, grand-parents, etc.).  Perhaps not at the top of your list ‘anymore’ but if possible, especially when children are part of the equation, it always wise to tell your Ex, rather than the children sharing the news first.

Similar to your first wedding the plans that follow are appropriate: engagement parties, registering for gifts (although in many cases, the gifts will be very different than when you first started out with next to nothing), and wedding showers.

As you near your wedding day, it’s always wise to meet with an experienced wedding officiant who can help customized your wedding ceremony so it reflects where the two of you are at currently and often to have a special time with your children being a part of the ceremony.

Probably the most asked question for the wedding ceremony: “Should the bride wear white”?

The answer is ‘Absolutely Yes!’ if of course she likes white.  The colour white has actually two connotations within a wedding ceremony.  Most think of it as ‘purity and virginity’, but long before this understanding, white was simply considered the ‘colour of celebration’.  As wedding officiants at Dream Weddings Canada we often find brides wearing white but generally a more simple dress, without a long train!

Regarding the Wedding Veil, this is a symbol of ‘purity, hidden, untouched’ and once again there’s no hard and fast rule, but seldom do we see wedding veils when we are re-marrying couples.  Many brides choose fresh flowers woven into their hair, or prefer to wear a small tiara.  It’s really your choice.

When it comes to wedding attendants, again the answer is really up to you!  You will need two individuals to ‘stand’ with you and sign as witnesses on your marriage license.  It’s also OK (depending on legal age) to have your son or daughter stand up for you.  And it’s still OK to have a full wedding party.

Another question and concern often asked us as wedding officiants is “Should I have someone (usually Dad) give me away”, after all, it’s already done this once before.  The answer to this will vary, but you may want to ask you parent(s) if they feel comfortable in doing so?  Perhaps, you would feel better to have your son walk you down the aisle and ‘give you away’.  Your age, your parent’s age and your children’s age will certainly play a factor in this decision as well (assuming all be available to attend your wedding ceremony).

Sensing a different time in life and less need to have a ‘Big’ event for the wedding, many couples opt into a ‘Smaller, low-key’ wedding.  This may include far more casual atmosphere, smaller venue with fewer number of guest, a dinner out a special restaurant rather than a formal reception, and of course a very different economic structure than their first wedding ceremony.  This sometime comes out of necessity, as it’s customary that the Bride and Groom pay their own way, this time.

What’s the rule on invitations?  Not much different than the first round!  As often the parents have looked after the finances for your first wedding and as we said, it is generally assumed the couple will be ‘footing the bill’ this time, you may want to still honour your parents (and children) by re-wording your invite to read something like this:

“Susan Marie Stevens and Mark Tyler Johnson together with their parents (and/or children) request the honour of your presence at their marriage …”


Beyond the actual marriage ceremony with each other, many couples ask us how they may include their children within the ceremony.  Again, we encourage you to meet with your wedding officiant as they have a few ideas that may help and can explain just how best to use them.

A few ideas include:

  • Family Vows – Often before couples exchange their wedding vows, each parent will read special vows to their ‘new’ children, promising them their love and community within their new home and relationship.
  • Family Gifts – Some couple accompany their vows (or separate from) with special gifts to their ‘new’ children.  For young ladies this may be a bracelet, a necklace, or something else they know she’s appreciate.  For the young men, jewellery is still OK, but it may something different as well.  To each his/her own.
  • Family Sand Ceremony – As many couples personally share in the Sand Ceremony in their wedding, many other couples include their children in such an event.  Each person has their favorite colour and together as a family creates a masterpiece using the Sand.  Another twist on this we just experience was using coloured sugar in the same way one would use the sand.
  • Family License – Although not legal, it’s OK to have each of your children sign as witnesses on a self-made Wedding License highlighting your names, place, date and each of the kids.
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