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Wedding Ceremony Ideas on Pinterest


What bride’s used to tote around – heavy 3-ring binders stuffed full of papers, swatches and menus – has been replaced in the digital age.  No longer do you need a backpack and an extra set of shoulder pads to help you carry around your wedding planning book. A smart phone or mini tablet now holds all the information – and more – that any bride needs or wants. We can hold nearly our whole world in the palm of our hand, or at least in the inside pocket of a cute purse. David’s Bridal discovered that brides in 2013 and beyond will use social media such as Facebook, Skype, and the relatively new phenomenon Pinterest to plan their wedding ceremony including their dress, flowers, hair, make-up … just about anything you’d want.

Pinterest for Your Wedding

Dream Weddings Canada Pinterest is now a key to helping Brides and Grooms have the perfect wedding day.  As wedding officiants, we have the privileged of meeting couples, and thanks to their input, our Pinterest world has become a valuable reality,  We invite you to take a look.  Dream Weddings Canada Pinterest

“A quick look on Pinterest” for me can turn into two hours, and my sister and I both said we are so glad we had our weddings before Pinterest was invented! To say its addictive is true, and as a planning bride, you will need all the discipline you can muster to not get carried away with new things to add to your wedding at every click! All of a sudden the invitations you loved last week now don’t seem as inventive as the ones that tie an actual knot of string when opened, and your chair décor pales in comparison to the ones on someone else’s board.

Pinterest is like electronic scrapbooking – without all that annoying finicky glue and glitter pasting, and where the result is one page after a whole evening’s work. The relatively new invention of Pinterest allows an average woman to make a fashion spread worthy of a Vogue article or a NY Fashion Week event – all while sitting in your PJs and in under 20 minutes. I have boards for vacations, recipes, exercises, hairstyles, puppy dogs….you name it, I’ve pinned it.  In this fake world, everything IS instantly at your fingertips.

Your bridesmaids, friends and family can all see what you have posted to your board.  There are privacy settings, so for example, under your board called “The Dress”, you can restrict the viewers if you wish.  Nowadays some brides take all their friends, sometimes even the fiancé (to which I say a resounding “NO!”) to the bridal salon.  Remember that once your dress is out there, either in the virtual or real world, it can never be a surprise on the day.  In this digital age of “instagram” and “status updates” every 15 minutes, it can seem like an archaic idea not to let everyone see and know as soon as you choose.  At least do yourself a favor and think on the idea of sharing your dress photos for 24 hours…after a good nights sleep, you might decided to keep that one thing for your Wedding Day.

Pinterest is here to stay, we love it.  Why not allow the thoughts and pics of others help you plan your perfect wedding ceremony and day? Enjoy every moment of planning to your heart’s content.  However, as a word of caution, set your smartphone to alarm every 30 minutes while your surfing, so you stand and do some real life stretches! Those exercises pinned to your board don’t actually work unless you do them…sigh.

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