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Wedding Party Gift Ideas for Your Guests

Finding the perfect wedding gift is difficult these days, but this brief blog is about the Bride & Groom and the Gifts they give!  Traditionally there are two sets of gifts most couples find themselves giving:  Favours for the guests and Thank You gifts for the wedding party.  And so the question arises: “What in the world do I give these people?” Perhaps it could be re-phrased, “What in the world do these people want?”

Today, Let’s begin with your guests . . . (we’ll follow-up on our next blog with gifts for your wedding party)

There’s generally two major considerations when choosing the right gift for those in attendance: First, how does this gift help them remember you and your wedding?  Secondly, what can we afford so that’s it not cheesy?

Many couples have purchased unique keepsakes with their names and wedding inscribed on each item.  Very attractive, memorable, but may be a little expensive.  Some examples I seen lately: a coffee mug with the couple’s picture, name and date along with a small bag of Coffee in each, a picture frame (usually 4” X 6”) with the couple’s picture and again their names and date inscribed on it, a personalized candle with a small tag saying ‘Thanks’, or a bottle of your best homemade wine  . . . as you can imagine this list goes on and on.

Another option is to have your favours (very inexpensive) for each guest, but at the end of your day, have a way of choosing which person will receive the table center piece, which is usually a larger display of flowers in a beautiful vase or votive with candles.  You can choose by who’s birthday is the closest to today, who’s anniversary is closest, or perhaps place a sticker under one seat at each table – you choose!  These small and inexpensive favours are often a sampling of chocolates, matches, boxes of soap, candy and the likes (some have the potential to be inscribe, or at least with a small ‘Thank You’ tag attached.

A third option is personalized crafts.  These homemade and personally inspired gifts allow your guests to get to know you a little better and often provide great keepsakes.  Items like your Homemade Jam or a bag of fresh baked cookies.  Perhaps your hobby is scrap-booking and you’d like to present each guest with a mini picture album, personally compiled by the two of you.  Whatever you enjoy as a hobby, consider passing along a small piece as a favor to your guests.

Finally, something completely different make include your gift of something the two of you are really passionate about and enjoy doing together (No, not sex!)  Perhaps your gift will include a souvenir of a favourite trip the two of you were on together, or a small keepsake symbolizing your honeymoon destination.  Maybe it’s your favourite sports team caps, jerseys, or t-shirts with your names engraved or stitched on each.   Then there’s always beer mugs, shot glasses, cell phone cases, etc.

At the end of the day, your gift is your personal way of thanking your guests for sharing in your day.  Take some time, don’t get ‘too’ cheap or cheesy, but choose a gift that will have the two you remembered and enjoyed for years to come.

Here’s couple of on-line sites that might just provide both the inspiration and gifts you need to be a hit on your wedding day.

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