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Wedding Planner - To Hire or Not to Hire, that is the Question?

Hiring a wedding planner can be both profitable and time saving, as well as a release from the busy task of running around tirelessly to book and care for everything yourself.  Good planners also ensure the details are looked after, especially since many couples ‘just don’t know’ what happens behind the scenes, especially in the area of finances.  Good weddings planners are only bias for you and not everyone in the industry, making sure their efforts serve you, your plans and your budget.

Besides having a worry-free experience on your wedding day, wedding planners allow you to free up your time (and worry) for other things and makes the planning a lot less chaotic.  Considering the tasks of choosing locations for the ceremony and reception, handling caterers and menus, finding flowers, cakes and photographers, the idea of handing these tasks over to a professional is quite liberating.

Any couple who is considering whether to hire a wedding planner will be interested in noting that a good wedding planner will:

  • Work according to an established timeline and let you know what should be done, at what time.
  • Assist you in establishing a realistic budget that is tailored to meet your most important aspects of your special date.
  • Haggle over prices and negotiate discounts so you can have what you want at the lowest price.
  • Advise you when payments are due to each vendor.
  • Help you select a menu that works for you as well as your guests. She or he will see that there are special foods for special diets, which cater to all age groups. She or he will also make sure that all food and drink items are of the very best quality for your budget.
  • Help to select a tasteful wedding cake, within your price range.
  • Handle decorations, table linens, flowers and favours to make sure all components are properly coordinated.
  • Ensure that everything is orchestrated smoothly from the walk down the aisle to the tossing of the bouquet.
  • Assist you in the selecting of your photographer, your officiant, your DJ or recommend Musicians, along with input for decor and decorations, wedding invites and save the date’s, limousines and travel arrangements.  Of course if you have preferences already, most weddings planner are happy to work with your choices along the way.
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