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Weddings At Christmas: Making it More Memorable

Christmas is the season to be merry. It is filled with love and festivities, making it one of the most memorable celebrations of the year. Because it is such a special day, there are many couple who choose such as the perfect time to get married. A Christmas wedding is sure to make lasting memories. It is like hitting two birds with one stone – celebrating the birth of Christ and the union of two individuals. Nonetheless, because it is a busy season, it can also be challenging to plan your wedding ceremony and reception, among other nitty-gritties. With such, keep on reading and learn some of the things that you can do to make your Christmas wedding more memorable.


3 Keys for Your Christmas Wedding

Plan in Advance

Like in planning your wedding anytime of the year, starting early will be a big help. Christmas is perhaps one of the busiest seasons of the year. Your family and friends might be busy with their own lives, celebrating the holidays. Therefore, it is a challenge to put up the guest list and make sure that everyone will attend your wedding ceremony. In addition, venues can also be packed because of different celebrations going left and right. Therefore, planning as early as possible will be helpful to secure reservations and to allow your guests to save the date for your Christmas wedding.

Create a Christmas Ambiance

From the wedding ceremony to the reception, you should have an ambiance that is perfect for the holidays. Why not have the emcee dressed as Santa? Also, rather than using traditional white flowers, you can use poinsettias as they will be reminiscent of Christmas. Choose traditional Christmas colors such as silver, gold, and red. Say goodbye to the conventional table where gifts are placed. Have a Christmas tree in the reception hall and ask guests to leave their gifts beneath the tree. You can also play Christmas carols or have entertainers sing Christmas songs.

Serve a Christmas-Inspired Menu

As part of creating an ambiance that is reminiscent of Christmas, another thing that you should do is to serve food that will be perfect for the holidays. If the guests could not celebrate Christmas at home because they are at your wedding, make sure that they can still feel the joy of the season through the food that you will serve. Some of the best dishes that can be served for a Christmas wedding include apple cider ginger brined turkey; brown sugar glazed ham, prawn cocktails, honey roast carrots, roast potatoes, and Christmas pudding. Meet with your caterer to present to you a Christmas-inspired menu. More than just the food, make sure that its presentation will also be fitted for the Christmas theme.

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