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Your Choice of Hair on Your Wedding Day - PART 2

Real Human Hair vs. Synthetic Hair

Hair extensions are a recent innovation and are becoming fairly popular for a number of reasons. They are comfortable, reusable, offer an amazing look, durable and discreet with suitability for home use. There’s no compromise between style and fashion. Getting hair extensions are in vogue these days. It offers you the ultimate fashion and style. They are a perfect option for people with short hair to get marvelous long hair within a few hours. For the past several years, real human hair has been collected all over the world to use for making hair extensions. Hair extensions are completely suitable or any hair-type.

Choosing the perfect hair extension can be challenging, especially when you are a novice. You have a number of different hair extensions to choose from and everything has its advantages and disadvantages. To top it off, there are huge price differences between different types of extensions. Many people favor real human hair over synthetic hair and few prefer the opposite. There is always a good argument on the both sides overall. It becomes really puzzling when you are confronted with the many varieties of hair extensions.  There is a difference of purpose, quality and cost. In order to get the perfect hair extension, you need to know the advantages and disadvantages of each hair extension type and the origin of the hair.

There is a really good documentary of where hair extensions made by Chris Rock. It’s titled Good Hair. A lot of the human hair comes out of India where women shave their heads for religious purposes as a rite of passage. This created an opportunity for capitalist and a majority of those extensions are exported to USA and Canada.

A recent survey tells that, the real human hair extensions lasts for normally 1 year if proper care is taken, while the synthetic hair extension lasts only for 1-3 months approximately. Real human hair extensions are easy to style, along with the ability to match the color and texture of the user. Whereas synthetic hair creates little trouble in handling & styling, they often don’t completely match the user’s hair.

As all the human hair extensions are chemically treated, it makes it easy to color treat them, but with time all the extensions tend to lose their integrity. And in the case of synthetic hair extensions the color treatment can lead to irreparable damage of the hair extensions.

The versatile style and natural look that human hair offers is outstanding and this makes it the first choice of every user. Human hair extensions can be styled into any hairdo; curled, straightened or anything. This simply means that human hair extensions can withstand the treatment that is normally done to the hair of a person. On the other hand, there are synthetic hair extensions that are heat sensitive and chemically treated, with no natural texture. Animal hair extensions are also available, but we won’t be talking about that hear. If you need something very short term, save some money and go with synthetic hair extensions. If you want to change your look, go with natural hair extensions.

Thanks to Kaila of Jessica Hair Extensions for this article.


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